Elizabeth MacDonald-Zoppi has lived in Italy since 1986. She has taught at the University of Pisa since 1988. A published writer and professional translator, she has an in-depth knowledge of Italian and English and their respective cultures.

She is Translations Editor for Anglistica Pisana and also collaborates with Edizioni ETS (Pisa) as a translator and proofreader. She edited and translated a selection of Liam O'Flaherty's short stories into Italian (Edizioni ETS, 1995), while her other translations have appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation, Poetry Ireland Review, The Cork Literary Review, The Word, Soglie, Anglistica Pisana, and Il chicco di senape. These include translations of the works of Mario Luzi into English, and Seamus Heaney, George Szirtes, Dennis O'Driscoll, Derek Mahon, Dermot Healey and Brendan Kennelly into Italian. Her areas of expertise in translation also include: cinema; architecture; musicology; history; archaeology; art history; photography and sociology.

A published fiction writer, Elizabeth MacDonald-Zoppi’s collection of short stories, A House of Cards (Pillar Press, 2006), was longlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award in 2007. It was reviewed favourably by Claire Kilroy (Anglistica Pisana), Emma Walsh (The Irish Book Review), Paddy Kehoe (RTE Guide), Victoria Watson (Irish Mail on Sunday), and Roslyn Fuller (Metro Eireann Book Review #46). A short story, My Friend Philip, was published in Internationalist Review of Irish Culture (Spring 2007). She has also written numerous articles and essays in both English and Italian, and these have been published in Modern Poetry in Translation, Poetry Ireland Review, The Cork Literary Review, The Word, Soglie, Anglistica Pisana, and Il chicco di senape.

Elizabeth MacDonald-Zoppi teaches at Pisa University. At undergraduate level her courses centre on the segmental and supra-segmental aspects of speech, and academic writing skills. At post-graduate level she teaches on the University of Pisa’s Master’s in Translation (TLS). Prior to her appointment at Pisa, she was a language assistant at the University of Bari from 1986 – 1988 and taught the study of language through literature as well as writing skills.

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Sarah Mac Donald is a journalist, editor and documentary producer. She currently writes from Dublin for the Irish Independent and for the UK publications The Tablet and The Catholic Times as well as the Washington-based news service CNS.

A former Editor of The Word, she also produced and researched the documentary, ‘Mary Ward - Dangerous Visionary’ as well as the RTE Radio documentaries, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ (1995), ‘Hildegard’ (1994), and the series ‘Web of Life’ (1996).

Her editorial and writing credits include: 'The Francis Factor - A new Departure', Eds John Littleton & Eamon Maher, Columba Press (2014); ‘God's Entrepreneurs: How Irish missionaries tried to change the world’, by Joe Humphries, New Island Books (2011); ‘Hymns and Hymn-Writers’ in the Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing Volumes IV/V, (Autumn 2002); ‘Painting the Heartscape’, (2001); and ‘Are We Losing the Young Church?’ by Gerard Gallagher, Columba Press (2005).

Her communications work has included projects for the social care agency, Crosscare and the Irish Ursulines.


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