The Polish Week


Marcus Mac Donald



The Polish Week


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Format: Paperback 382pp
Publication date: Sept 2012
Publisher: Portia Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9573720-0-9


About the Novel:
February 1981. Jaruzelski’s Cold War Poland: a stand off between Solidarity and Russian tanks amassing on its borders. Thatcher’s Britain, struggling with cutbacks and creeping discontent. East meets West on the neutral terrain of music. A groundbreaking concert is organised at the Albert Hall. But David Brenton, undercover MI5 agent, discovers a plot to assassinate the visiting Polish government minister. In a race against time, he must find out who is behind this and stave off humiliation for Her Majesty’s government...


About the Author:
Marcus Mac Donald was born in Dublin in 1932. He brings all his professional expertise to this political thriller. A retired music producer with RTÉ Radio, he worked in close collaboration with the National Symphony Orchestra. He supervised the sound production of RTÉ’s landmark 36-hour recording of James Joyce’s Ulysses. He also worked as sound supervisor on the radio production ‘Piano in the River’ which won the Prix Italia in 1965. He was shortlisted for the 1993 Tribune Hennessy Award and longlisted for the 2012 Power's Short Story Competition. His stories have appeared in various Irish publications.


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