Delivering projects on brief, on budget, on time! 


Portia Communications is a new company which aims to establish itself in the communications market through quality writing, editing, design and content development services. We offer professional excellence at competitive prices.

We work directly with journalists, editors, producers and researchers in the print and broadcast media and can advise you on how to raise your media profile, write press releases, improve your social media content and upgrade your communications documentation and strategies.

Accurate use of language in our globalised world is essential for effective communication of your message. This is true for businesses, NGOs, educational institutions and individual ventures.

Portia Communications wants to help you and your business convey your message effectively by making your writing sparkle. We can do this by taking existing materials, such as reports and policy papers, and turning them into interesting articles, op-eds or blog content. We can also ‘ghost-write’ material for clients.

Portia Communications offers you a specialist team in a number of key areas: journalists, editors, fiction and non-fiction writers, graphic designers, web developers and social media experts.

Our approach is customer-centric - delivering your objectives is our top priority.

Delivering projects on brief, on budget, on time! 

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Editorial services & content origination

  • Concept development
  • Commissioning of journalists and writers
  • Translation and foreign language origination
  • Editing, sub-editing and proofing
  • Preparing press releases, op-eds and features

Creative services

  • Concept development
  • Layout
  • Commissioning photographers
  • Managing photoshoots
  • Upgrading and retouching imagery

Account management

  • Delivers projects on brief, on budget, on time
  • Define and redefine marketing goals
  • Liaising with media and placement of articles


  • Paper and print buying
  • Reprographics
  • Press passing and quality control
  • Mailing management and distribution

Website design & management

  • Building a website from scratch or repurposing existing content
  • CMS development
  • Developing and streamlining social media

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